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Suzette Morganelli is well known for her stunning waterscapes and Lake Murray sunsets
Using the rich twilight colors as a painter's palette, she has produced a much sought-after series of one of South Carolina's most attractive natural resources. Her robust evening colors are nestled among the ever-changing subtle hues of sunset over water, leaving the name Morganelli synonymous with breathtaking artistry.

Suzette has spent most of her life working in the financial services arena helping people overcome their financial woes and hardships. She finds peace and serenity in capturing her tranquil compositions. She began her photography career in 2000. Suzette's inspiration came from her love of the water and Lake Murray, having grown up around the lake, and from a well-known master photographer friend.

Through the encouragement of a friend and business owner in the art world, Suzette developed her first open edition Lake Murray,South Carolina,photos,Photograph,Photo sunsets,photos,SC Wildlife,photos,widlife lake murray SC, South Carolinagiclée print, "Summer Hues." "Summer Hues" was taken in July of 2003 on a point just at the tip of Shull Island on Lake Murray in Gilbert, South Carolina as the midsummer sun was beginning its evening decline. Taken at a time when Lake Murray was at its lowest draw down in history because of the reconstruction of the dam, this gives "Summer Hues" its own uniqueness. The islands exposed in the full print will, in all likelihood, never be seen again. It was at this time that Suzette made the decision to make "Summer Hues" her first open edition giclée print. The panorama and full print of "Summer Hues" have moved her career to new heights in the art world. It has been used by advertising and marketing firms, on the front cover of the Pond Branch Telephone Directory and in numerous publications.

Giclée printing is a French printmaking method of high-quality utilizing continuous tone technology and a sprayed ink process on a high quality grade of paper making the reproduction 85 years archival.

Soon after the debut of "Summer Hues" Suzette introduced other popular open edition giclée prints: "Ethereal Orange Sky," "Winter Blues," and "Sunset Finale`."

She has an entire portfolio of sunsets over Lake Murray and has added other historical South Carolina landmarks. Her photography has been used for promotional, marketing and advertising purposes by business firms throughout the south and her work is displayed in businesses, restaurants, garden centers, gift shops and galleries in Columbia, Lexington, Chapin and Charleston.

She is featured on numerous Web sites:
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In June, 2006 Suzette introduced her newest giclée print, ”Shem Creek Ladies," a limited edition print of shrimp boats along the banks of beautiful Shem Creek, home of the Charleston shrimp boat fleet situated in Mount Pleasant, near Charleston, South Carolina.

In 2006 Suzette developed her note cards featuring all of her Lake Murray giclée prints – “Summer Hues,” “Winter Blues,” “Sunset Finale`” and “Ethereal Orange Sky.” The note cards are available in the greater Columbia area, Lexington and Chapin in numerous gift shops and galleries. Many folks have purchased the cards and ultimately purchased her prints.

In late 2007 Suzette introduced her newest open edition giclée prints “Indigo Fan,” “Gone Fishing” and “The Great Escape”

To inquire about purchasing her prints you may email her at:

A Message from the Artist

I would like to thank my family and friends for all of their love, support and belief in me, without which this great venture would not have been possible. I would especially like to thank my business owner friend in the art world, for all of the encouragement and ideas that constantly spur me on to new endeavors. And, I also want to especially thank my master photographer friend for the inspiration and advice that kept me going and for giving me such a great perspective and appreciation for the art of photography. I realize even more than ever before, that as a photographer you only have one chance to capture that breathtaking moment and make it come alive again for the public. For this realization I am grateful. The art of photography is a true expression that only the artist can see with their naked eye.

Because of my love of historical events and places, my plans for the not to distant future are to expand my photography into Europe. I hope to capture some of the beautiful picturesque waterscapes in Italy, France and England.

Thank you for visiting my Web site. I hope that you have enjoyed your tour.

Many thanks,
Suzette Morganelli